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    Where’s the happy ending here? This isn’t life. This isn’t anything close, okay?

    Not for me, not for us. And for our son.

    What’s the answer here?

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    Grimes Family Appreciation
    ↳ Day 14: Lori & Carl
  3. "I didn’t ask for this."

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  4. the walking dead meme: seven quotes [3/7] : He told me the other day that he was proud of me. That I was a good man. I’m not. [..] I know more now, about what he wanted from me and I tried but.. I still have these thoughts. I’m not what he thinks I am. I’m just another monster too.

  5. Beth Greene In Every Episode: Too Far Gone ‘4x08’

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    the walking dead is a story of…

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    twd meme: eight scenes → shane and rick in “days gone bye” (1/8)

  8. I don’t want to be afraid of being alive

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    mentions of Lori Grimes [1/2]

    requested by save-me-from-sorrow

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    twd challenge: 7/100

    greenes, dixons or grimes